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Car Dealerships are used to dealing with traditional advertising agencies that handle their radio, television, and direct mail. The problem is that on the digital side, dealers usually deal with 5-8 different companies to handle their PPC, SEO, Social Media, Website, Reputation, etc. Titan Global Media is a full service automotive digital marketing agency that allows dealers to have a one stop shop for their digital services. We work closely with your traditional advertising agency to ensure your dealership is projecting a consistent marketing message across all channels. We are digital marketing leaders that are helping dealerships across the country realize huge ROI on their digital marketing dollars.

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Our Services

  • PPC / SEM

    Our automotive Pay per click strategies make sure you take full advantage of advanced paid search tactics that will give your inventory maximum exposure for a minimum cost.

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  • Automotive Reputation Management

    Anybody can make a dent to your company’s reputation easily through malicious brand/product reviews which can then go viral. Automotive reputation management steps in to save or even restore your image and brand value.

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  • Search Marketing

    Search marketing remains one of the most influential digital disciplines. We'll teach you everything you need to know to build excellent Search campaigns from SEO to PPC and Analytics.

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social is becoming an increasingly competitive marketing landscape. Keep your brand ahead of the competition with in depth knowledge of building and analyzing campaigns across established and emerging networks.

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  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile is growing at a phenomenal rate. Learn how to integrate mobile into your marketing strategy using MCommerce, mobile advertising, Apps and Games marketing.

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  • Affiliate Management Affiliate

    Affiliate Management Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate' own marketing efforts. Our Affiliate Management service offers you a complete affiliate program which includes effective and affordable solutions and affiliate link creation. Our Plans and Pricing Page will give you more details.

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  • Digital Strategy & Planning

    Digital now sits at the heart of your marketing strategy. Master the complexities of planning, executing and measuring integrated marketing campaigns.

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