September 2016
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SEO For Auto Dealerships

Car dealerships have many options when it comes to digital marketing. The problem that dealers have is that search engine optimization is not typically the core service for website companies, even though they often sell SEO services. Titan Global Media focuses on doing the work and following the search engine practices that are guaranteed to provide positive results in organic search results to dealers. You need to partner with a company that specializes in SEO or you’re just flushing your money away to a vendor that doesn’t understand how to power your dealership to the top of search results. The top three positions is where users are clicking when searching online, you need to be there… or they may just go to your competitor. Request your FREE digital evaluation today. We’ll show you how to effectively optimize your site with:

Automotive Reputation Management

The independence that the online medium offers when it comes to marketing has become a benefit to car dealers. The simple way to getting all of the information regarding services and products, has made the Internet a haven for everyone online shoppers.

But then again, for anything that you are promoting to leave an impression, it is imperative for you to develop a good image. That is one of the most vital aspects of successful marketing without which your campaign will fail in achieving higher traffic. When you have a good image, it is necessary to sustain that and the same freedoms that the Internet offers will now become a threat. Anybody can make a dent to your company’s reputation easily through malicious brand/product reviews which can then go viral. Automotive reputation management steps in to save or even restore your image and brand value.

Automotive Social Media

You want to sell cars online, so what is the most obvious thing to do? Simple: advertise. However, in this day and age of advertising and reaching out to the people, employing only traditional media such as print or television is not enough. Arguably, the traditional media still has high reachability, but in order to gain a wider reach, you need to explore online media as well – where dealer social media marketing plays a big role. When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing, in particular, are considerably less expansive, yet provide a much higher ROI.


Automotive social media marketing is relatively new and it has no hard and fast rules. It is not just about creating communities and posting regularly. Social media marketing strategies vary widely as advertising companies hold their methods very close to the chest. Titan Global Media has our own propriety methods of marketing on social platforms that has proven to be highly effective for car dealers.


PPC Pay Per Click Web Advertising as a Concept


With the rising cost and decreasing return on investment of third party leads, dealers around the country are finally turning their focus to first party leads. Our automotive Pay per click strategies make sure you take full advantage of advanced paid search tactics that will give your inventory maximum exposure for a minimum cost. You need to be everywhere your customers are searching… or they may just go to your competitor. Request your FREE digital evaluation today. We’ll show you how to effectively market with:

  • Text & Display on the Google & Bing/Yahoo networks.
  • Real Time Bidding platforms
  • YouTube video pre-roll advertising
  • Mobile GeoFencing Supplemented w/ Polk Automotive Data
  • Targeted Facebook advertising supplemented with IHS Automotive Data


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